Alden State Bank

Alden State Bank is expanding! We helped them brand their new space with permanent solutions that look great and last!

  • Client Type
  • Project Type
  • Banking
  • Environmental Graphics, Dimensional Signage, Window Films, Noise Reducing Substrates

The Challenge

Pixelwerx was hired by an architect in Milwaukee to help brand this space and ready it for business. A project can be tricky when it is to be executed months away and far from home – communication and planning is key. Many kinds of signs, substrates and graphics were to be used in this permanent install. A fresh and professional look was needed and the choices made for materials and execution needed to be appropriate.


What We Did.

After digesting the drawings, designs and ask, we pulled together a solution of custom window film, custom routed noise dampening substrates, dimensional halo lit signage and custom acrylic teller panels. Getting an acurate quote out first, early, was important. Once approved, we followed gannt charts and internal timelines to make sure we produced and finished all pieces so we could ship and have on site by the time we traveled out to install. We understood this install needed to look perfect and spot on, so attention to detail was needed.