Caribou Coffee Food Truck Wraps

Caribou uses their food truck for a variety of events – catering, thank you events, promotional etc. We have partnered with them to wrap their truck several times.

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  • Food Industry
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • 3M High Performance Vinyl Wrap

The Challenge

We were approachd to help Caribou Coffee turn an old step van into a fully branded, attention getting, food truck attraction. Caribou planned to use this truck for a long time, so chosing a material that could be removed easily and then re-wrapped was a consideration. With an event scheduled already and a timeline to hit, we had a reasonable but finite amount of time to get this truck on the streets!


What We Did.

Wrapping food trucks can be Complicated. At Pixelwerx, we have lots of experience with food trucks wrapping more than 200. Most vehicles have standard templates and known sizes & shapes. When handling a food tuck project you usually start with a templating process. We do a detailed site survey and draw the truck to scale so a design can be visualized. We provide this to the agency for design. Once files come back to us, we double check all measurements and with a critical eye, look for any pitfalls before production. Caribou approached us wanting to wrap their truck not once but many times going forward. Knowing this, we use 3M high performance cast graphics that not only look great, but are also removable in the future. Not all graphic materials are the same – there are huge benefits of using a high quality material. Although more expensive up front, the cost savings in graphic and adhesive removal are huge. We processed the files, provided color proofs and dove into production. Once completed, our expert staff of 3M certified installers applied the graphics and delivered a great looking and professional food truck!


“John and his crew did an amazing job of transforming a plain white truck into the Bou Truck. John and his crew made this process seamless. His updates on the process, pictures of progress, flexibility with changes and on the spot driving instruction were greatly appreciated. The Bou Truck has been wrapped three times by Pixelwerx and we will continue to use them in the future. I would highly recommend Pixelwerx for anyone who wants the best wrap in town!”

Sara Edgren
Bou Truck Boss
Caribou Coffee