Carmax Skyway Takeover

The Minneapolis skyway has long been a great format for advertisers, we rolled up our sleeves to execute a pretty cool project for Carmax.

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  • Project Type
  • Deliverables
  • Car Dealership
  • OOH Media, Wall Wraps, Glass Wraps, Backlits
  • 3M high performance vinyl wrap

The Challenge

For many years we executed advertising projects in the skyways of Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester and Des Moines. We were asked to execute a takeover ad campaign for Carmax. They wanted to dominate the area with graphics and create a spectacle that would surround viewers.

What we did.

Many graphic installs are easy, but this project had a few challenges. The first problem was height, we were not able to safely access areas with a ladder, so we had to bring a lift on site to install. The second issue were multiple surfaces that needed graphics. We had to choose materials that had similar white points so the graphics would look continuous. Applying across stone, glass and drywall takes a bit of planning and a site survey that includes a test that measures that ability for each film to have strong enough adhesion to stick but not too much to damage walls. Lastly with such a complicated area to graphic we had to do technical drawings and provide back to designers to accurately do their layout. Printing was done on an Epson solvet printer and laminated to protect the images. This project was posted for 2 months, we then had to come back and remove all graphics without a trace so the building could go back to its original appearance.