Fabric graphics

Fabric graphics offer a plethora of advantages. Vibrant colors, remain vivid and durable over time. Lightweight and portable, they’re easily shippable and ideal for trade shows, events, or retail displays. Installation is a breeze with options like pole pockets or silicone edge graphics, making setup quick and hassle-free. In an age of environmental consciousness, fabric graphics are an eco-friendly choice.


Fabric backdrop graphics are vibrant, lightweight displays ideal for events and photoshoots. Customizable and easy to set up, they offer a professional backdrop for any occasion, showcasing crisp, detailed designs on durable fabric material.


SEG wall graphics, short for Silicone Edge Graphics, are vibrant and sleek displays designed to enhance interior spaces with stunning visual impact. Consisting of high-resolution prints stretched over frames these displays create a polished, frameless appearance. The result is a clean, professional look that draws attention to the imagery without any distracting hardware. SEG wall graphics are versatile, easily customizable, and ideal for branded environments.


Fabric signage hardware provides the essential framework for displaying vibrant and eye-catching fabric graphics. Designed for easy assembly and versatility, Pixelwerx handles a variety of hardware that offers sturdy support while seamlessly integrating with the fabric graphics for a polished, professional look. Whether it’s banner stands, tension frames, or hanging systems, fabric signage hardware ensures that your messaging stands out in any environment, from trade shows to retail spaces, with minimal effort and maximum impact.


Too many types to list, we produce a huge range of signage our fabric department. Many projects are standard, well know types, but custom solutions are handled frequently by our talented sewing staff. Ask your sales person if you have a challenging project!